Needs & Segmentation Analysis

needsanalysiscoverThe South Ward Children’s Alliance (SWCA) is a collaboration of traditional and public charter schools, city agencies, nonprofit organizations, and neighborhood residents who are developing a comprehensive approach to ensure academic and life success for children living in the South Ward of Newark, NJ. SWCA is doing this by building a cradle-to-college-to-career pipeline of supports for children and their families. New York University Metropolitan Center partnered with SWCA in 2016 to conduct a needs and segmentation analysis for this ambitious initiative.

New York University Metropolitan Center conducted a needs assessment and segmentation analysis between March 2016 and September 2016, as required by the US Department of Education planning grant. The needs assessment includes data on the children, families, neighborhoods, and schools of the SWCA footprint. The segmentation analysis identifies those subpopulations (i.e., by neighborhood, age, and gender) that are most in need.

These data are intended to provide a timely understanding of the needs of the community and to inform the continuum of strategies developed by SWCA.

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