The Family HUB is a comprehensive case management, neighborhood-based program that helps to provide free family support and counseling to children and their families. The HUB specializes in providing free advocacy, crisis-intervention services, housing assistance and guidance, support with food security, and medical/mental health referrals.

Participants in the program are assigned to a Family Coach who develops an individualized service plan to address their needs. All families receive home visits to make incremental progress towards their goals.  By working with schools, early childhood providers, healthcare organizations, social service agencies, and the community to strengthen families, the Family HUB helps create a stable and healthy environment with reduced toxic stress. In turn, supporting children’s academic growth and social and emotional development

The Family College is an incentive based free, fun, and engaging 9-week Saturday series of parenting education classes for expecting moms and dads as well as parents and caregivers of children ages 0-3. The goal of the Family College is to strengthen the community of mothers, fathers, and caretakers in the South Ward by providing key information related to early childhood, resources, and support to empower them in raising healthy and happy children that are ready to enter school prepared to learn.

Our Workshops and Tax Preparation Services: SWCA partners with other organizations to provide financial empowerment, housing, and other workshops throughout the year. During tax season, SWCA partners with the United Way and several schools to provide free tax preparation services in the South Ward.

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